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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Update 2: My Picks For U.S. House and Senate

My below picks for winning and the states has its background in This Story.

Eastern Time Zone:

Connecticut: Repubs hold all seats or maybe give up 1

Florida: Foley vacancy held by Repub candidate

Indiana: Repubs hold

Kentucky: Repubs hold, maybe give up 1

New Hampshire: Repubs hold

New Jersey: Repubs hold

New York: Repubs hold, maybe give up 1 to Dems

North Carolina: Repubs hold

Ohio: Repubs hold

Pennsylvania: Repubs hold House, Dems may pick up 1 Senate

Virginia: Repubs hold

Central Time Zone:

Illinois: Repubs hold

Iowa: Repubs hold

Minnesota: Mark Kennedy loses to Amy Klobuchar so Dems get 1 Senate Seat here. Republican Michele Bachman wins Congressinal seat beating Democrat Patty Wetterling.

Texas: Repubs hold

Wisconsin: Repubs hold

Mountain and Pacific Time Zone:

Arizona Jim Kolbe's seat: Toss Up

I have no selections in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones.

I hate to say it, but if by 10PM-1AM Central Time tonight - when Eastern State results are close to their final tallies and Midwest States are close to wrapping it up - the Dems haven't proven their momentum and aren't winning, I don't see them picking up their hoped-for majorities in the Western States.

Look, my ratio of prediction/accuracy is laughable. If you want to make easy money on a sporting event, ask me who I think will win, and then bet the opposite.

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