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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


I am truly sorry for you, however... the independents that swung the election to the dems (pay attention to the results) would have thrown our votes to rotting garbage if they had a party. Not only that but we can just as easily throw it back to the pubs two years from now if the dems do not play straight. Sorry to inform you that the middle, the quiet middle, is tired of watching both sides’ extremes screw up this country with their myopia. If you regularly talked to any of us, (hint) you would know that we finally got pissed off enough to become involved, and you would also know we trust the dems as much as the repubs, and we made our own minds up because unlike both left and right sides, we can think for ourselves. That is why we are called “independents”. You may also wish to check your registration as last time I looked, Americans own the elections, not republicans. Anyway the dems know who got them the job now, perhaps one day you can face it.

Your boys had six years to win our trust, and your big guns screwed up. Look on the bright side, you have at least two years to catch up on making crosses to burn at the border. Sorry to disrupt your sour grapes session, please continue my good man.
Hey Rev, thanks for stopping by! I dropped by your place the other day, as I often do, and left note on your door.

No need to offer your sorryness, but it's appreciated all the same. I agree the middle is tired of watching both of the extreme sides. I am often in the same middle group as you are, my good man. That's why I consider myself an Independent. I would have preferred that Congress stay in Republican majority mainly because of the overall war on terrorism. But now that the Dems stole it - uh, won ... sorry - (dude, they did steal it in OH, FL, VA and MT but that's another exchange) - I'm sure they will have the answer to all the problems that we face. Raising taxes and spending shitloads more of money on all our problems surely will solve all that is wrong. Who says I can't face the day - huh?!?!???

I don't know that our big guns screwed up. Seriously, the Republicans that lost were spineless RINO's and many of the Dems that won were Centrist and Moderate-some even were Pro Life Democrats. The question is (and we know the answer) which voice will the Democrats now "push", the Extreme Left view held by Pelosi, Reid, Durban and Kennedy, or the Centrist Democratic Voices of those who just were elected by The Middle. Hmmmmmmmm?

A compliant MSM may help persuade the public that the Dems have found answers that are successful to the problems that we face, but will anyone , including you my good friend, bother to look beyond that?

All my very best to the lovely Mrs. Gisher, and all the Gishettes! Peace.

(I am not resposible for typos in comments)
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