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Friday, September 08, 2006

What's That You Say Libs, Your Fingers Can't Search These Words?

With the whole "The Path To 9/11" imbroglio these days I've heard the Left, especially the voices on AirHead America Radio, re-pitch their "Name one falsehood or lie in [Michael Moore's] 'Fahrenheit 911'".

Well, these folks must somehow have a medical condition that prevents them from doing a Google search on the words "Fahrenheit 911 lies", because that search does indeed turn up a couple or two results. Amazing, isn't it!

There's Dave Kopel's 'Fifty-Six Deceits In Fahrenheit 911'.

And the same available in non-pdf Here.

Then there's This Site that painstakingly lays out historical data, dates and times to counter Moore's complete lies and misrepresentations.

Former self-admitted Trotskyist, Christopher Hitchens - hardly a lifelong mouthpiece for the Republican Party - writing for Slate examines Moore's lies.

Agreeing Moore's movie contains inaccuracies, distortions and lies, writing for MSNBC are Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball. Now, I don't know about Hosenball, but please don't tell me Isikoff is a Right Wing Operative.

Well, there certainly appears to be plenty of substantiation that "Fahrenheit 911" contains many lies and inconsistencies. I wonder why you Libs don't want to admit that? What possible motives could you have?


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