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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Path To 9/11" Part 2: Review

Part Two of "Path To 9/11" presented to its viewers the numerous problems and difficulties in protecting our country from a terrorist attack because of the Jamie Gorelick Wall. With intelligence and information agencies unable to share and exchange information, soon-to-be terrorists were able to enter our country with ease.

Bill Clinton, during the late 1990's and as we entered into 2000, was portrayed as being more interested in another 1993 Oslo Accord than dealing with the rising threat of terrorism. The travesty of his actions, or inactions, is that by this time the Oslo Accord was long forgotten by the parties that signed it. Instead of considering that by this time a military response would be in order, Clinton - not surprisingly - again took the path down Failing Diplomacy Street, a path that even Liberals should by now admit was wrong.

Funding cuts to the military by Clinton was portrayed in a scene where an unarmed drone, in flight, had Osama Bin Laden in its sites for hit and kill. Unfortunately, to repeat the first sentence, the drone was unarmed due to budget reductions in the military. Now, even if this scene is totally fictional, it's roots in military budget cuts are true - and this is one of the things that upset the Liberal Crowd so much.

The movie didn't depict the Bush Administration as a model of efficiency or cohesion either, so you hyperventilating Clintonites can just calm down. Bush and Company had not only their own internal problems with policy and staff, they were distracted with having to deal with undoing the backwards bureaucracies that had been created and in place for eight years - none of which helped move forward the safety of our country from an attack like 9/11.

The manner in which "Path To 9/11" recreated some of the September 11 events was unnervingly real. Considering the eight years of Clinton and only 9 months of Bush taking office - we suffered the biggest domestic terrorist attack ever - it is somewhat amazing that the number of deaths resulting from September 11 didn't reach into the tens of thousands.

"The Path To 9/11" accomplished what it set out to do. It successfully mixed historical and factual pieces of history and combined those elements with varying degrees of poetic and dramatic license. And it did so in a successful way.


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