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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Path To 9/11, Part 1: Review

Well, did you watch it? What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know. Removing the main topic of the film, for a moment, overall I think the film is well made. It is flawlessly edited - fantastic. And the score - the music - fit like a glove. One could make the argument that with some very minor editing it could have been tightened down to two hours without losing any of its thrust, which would have been okay by me. But I didn't feel its pacing was slow or that it seemed long, I didn't look my watch.

The performances by the all the actors are all very good. But the portrayal of Madeline Albright by actress Shirley Douglas just stands out as fantastic in an eerie blend of the Secretary of State Meets 'Mommy Dearest'.

Memorable moments in the film:

-The plan to use the electrical charge from a Casio wristwatch to serve as the detonator for a bomb.

-"Now we'll see if Janet Reno has any balls."

-At just about the two hour mark, the famous Bill Clinton video and audio of, "I did not have sexual relations...".

-"Are there any men left in Washington? Or all they all cowards?"

-Informing Pakistan of our intent to hit Osama Bin Laden with missiles only to have Pakistan inform Bin Laden, allowing him to escape.

-The "Clinton Is Satan" scene.

-No translators on hand to decipher and translate the Arabic handwritings and computer notes for the Field Agents. WOW! The Clinton Administration sure DROPPED THE BALL on this one, huh?

Because the Left consider themselves an entity that cannot ever be criticized, examined or graded, they are fit to be tied today over the portrayal of the inadequacies and failures of the Clinton Terms in "The Path To 9/11". Sometimes the portrayal of the truth hurts, doesn't it? Well, that's just too bad.

Sandy Berger, Richard Clarke, George Tenet - none of them really wanted to deal with terrorism or its perpetrators. But not dealing with it was the message sent down from the top, from Clinton himself. Boy, how the Left today likes to accuse George W. Bush as being a "Top Down" President. No president in history was more of a "Top Down" president than Bill Clinton.

Numerous chances to capture Bin Laden. Time and time again, over and over. And over. So many opportunities missed between 1993-2001. This is the true legacy of Bill Clinton no matter how hard his political operatives try to rewrite it.

The concluding two hours of "The Path To 9/11" begins at 7 PM Central, 8PM Eastern tonight on ABC-TV.

(And the Vikings will lose to the Redskins.)


I missed it! I thought it began tonight. I'll have to catch it on the 10-year anniverary.

I like what you said about Albright's portrayal. I listened to Drudge's radio show last night, and he played a clip of her. His reaction: "Someone throw water on her."
Thanks. I think... dont't quote me - that it's already available on DVD.

Albright's is a .... ugh, fill in the blank.

Thanks Don.
The documentary that I thought was just another feature film seemed to have kicked up quite a fuss in the blogosphere under 24 hours ... almost every other blog on technorati seems to mention it somehow.

I somewhat appreciated it, it kept me glued to the screen, at least. The thoughts inspired by it were more personal as a non-American citizen on the other side of the world in primary school when the events happened, that of cross-culture, rather than to the virtue of the film itself.

But I would say it does have an effect - what I noticed especially was the music soundtrack they chose to play in the backdrop for some of the dramatic incidents. I think there was some intentional portrayal in the violent treatment of the terrorist suspects - all the background detail, the mudbrick houses, the urban sprawl in Africa - I think that was often something a bit more subtle to look at than the overt that is portrayed in the film .
'all the background detail, the mudbrick houses, the urban sprawl in Africa - I think that was often something a bit more subtle to look at than the overt that is portrayed in the film.

You articluate that very well.

The pre-advertising done by the blogosphere and other media did hype its arrival. Too much political play of this docudrama was milked by the Liberals who protested the most. Last night, Part 2 was hardly kind or favorable to the Bush Administration.

Thanks for commenting and visiting, stay in touch.
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