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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Path To 9/11, Or: What Else Is On TV Tonight?

What is Harvey Keitel now saying about what he initially said? Find out HERE!

And we learn that the version airing in New Zealand hasn't CENSORED the scenes that the uber-Liberals find so offensive and critical. At least that what this site says. But it's a liberal site, so take it with a gigantic grain of salt.

With as much publicity as "Path To 9/11" has received in the past week, it will be difficult for it to live up to the drama that it's generated. It cannot possibly live up to be the kind of movie that Conservatives would hope for, nor can it be as vilifying of the Clinton Administration as the Liberals fear. Unfortunately...

Here's a good list of movies with political themes from the University of San Diego. Many of the movies listed incorporate varying degrees of dramatic and poetic license into their plot, despite having a factual and historical basis . The Lefties need to learn how to live with this.

In about two hours the festivities will begin. Be there - ABC -TV at 7PM Central, 8PM Eastern Time. Aloha -


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