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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One Hit News

U.S. Embassy Attacked in Damascus but Plot Foiled with Help of Syrians. U.S. Officially Thanks Syria, a country the U.S. considers a sponsor of terrorism. BBC.
- - -
Democrats accuse Bush and Republicans of Playing The Politicalization of 9/11 Card when No One - NO ONE - has politicized 9/11 or The War on Terror MORE THAN THE DEMOCRATS! CNS News.
- - -
NASA loses a bolt. Let's hope it wasn't one of those bolts that cost $90,950! The Space Station needs to be converted into a Home Depot - that would solve so many problems. CBS News.
- - -
The cost of a gallon of gas continues to fall. Fox News. (All of you out there who blamed Bush for gas prices increasing in the past are now giving him credit for the lower prices, right?)
- - -
And.. IRAN Shuts Down Two Newspapers: AP / Seattle PI

    Iran closed down two opposition newspapers on Monday, one of which had recently poked fun at hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the way his government has handled nuclear talks with the West.

    Iran's most prominent reformist daily, Shargh, or East, ran a cartoon Thursday depicting a horse and donkey facing each other on a chess board. The donkey - a symbol of ignorance in Iranian culture - has his mouth open and light around him, while the horse shows no emotion.

    Iranian judiciary officials apparently took the donkey to represent Iran in nuclear negotiations with the West, journalists said.

Why, Mahmoud is operating just like the Liberals in the U.S. acted in their failed mission to censor and ban the broadcasting of "The Path To 9/11"! All you Libs must be proud that you're more like Mahmoud than the FREE SPEECH supporters that you pretend to be.
- - -
Woman jailed four months for Boiling Puppy Alive and then leaving it to die. Sky News.

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