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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Muslim Fury

Muslim Fury is not a Car...

Muslim Fury At The Pope;

Muslim Rage At The Pope;

Muslim Fury At Bikini Model;

Muslim Fury At Jail Escape;

Muslim Fury At Sex Toy (aka "Mustafa Shag");

Let us not forget Muslim Fury At Cartoons.

And Muslim Tolerance...boy, is that an oxymoron.

Now I know why Liberals identify and associate themselves so closely with the Radical IslamoFascists. Both groups consider themselves exempt from any and all types of criticism and react abnormally hostile when admonished.


Their case is getting watered-down, don't ya think. It's hard to be nice and proper and correct towards people who could care less about those atributes. It is not my president nor my government nor my country causing the anger inside... it's the "other" guy who is trying to take freedom away from all of us. This is a free nation... why can't people just let that be what it is.
I agree Bug, the Libs case is getting watered down. More and more are recognizing that every day, I think. But the hardcore Lefties will never "get it". Maybe as they feel the pressure of the knife be pressed down against their jugular vein, and by then it'll be too late.

I don't agree with the Right all of the time, and often not a majority of the time, but the Left offers me absolutely nothing. I think I will be voting for many independent candidates this November.

thanks for stoppin by, take care Phoe...Yang...er...Bug. ;-)
That is one pissed off group of people.
jimmy - yeah, whether the injustice or "insult" is real, imaginery or otherwise (the Danish cartoons), there apparently is zero tolerance for any type of remarks.

or did you mean the liberals? in which the same answer would apply, right ?
They have it in common that they want to take us backward. Not "prevailing notions of decency" type of backward...a different kind of backward. A "how do we communicate with each other" backward.

Liberalism is all about messages that are strong enough to be disseminated from a common source, to multiple directions, explosively, as far-flung as possible. Mass communication. Talking points. Strong enough for mass communication -- but too logically weak for a dialogue. Islamo-fascism, on the other hand, is all about taking us back to a place where there was no mass communication at all. The two are finding common interests because only now, do we have things like "talk radio" (as we know it today) and "blogging" and e-mail and web pages. Only now do we have the widespread use of technology that can truly sustain a dialog.

This is too harsh of an environment for liberals, and for Islamo-fascists. So they have a common enemy now. Neither will admit to sharing interests with the other, but boy their talking points sure sound a lot alike. They can't afford for too many people to think for themselves, they have to tell everybody what to think and get "outraged" when disobeyed.
HEY MK - agreed, you make excellent points all the way around.

On a lighter note, I chuckle when the strict islamo facists point to living in the 7th century and strictly keeping with the mores of that time....until they have to pause to answer their cell phones.

thanksf for visiting and adding a great comment.
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