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Friday, September 01, 2006

Lockheed Martin Scores NASA Contract Worth Billions

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida -- Lockheed Martin Corporation was awarded the NASA contract, billions of dollars - to design and build new spaceships capable of multi-use, round trip flights to and from the earth and moon, and perhaps even beyond. The new and high-tech space shuttle deal is virtually exclusively held by Lockheed Martin

The new shuttles will replace the current three shuttles which have a planned retirement date in 2010. The shuttles are planned to be ready for flight testing in six to eight years. "We're looking forward to a new generation of space travel," said NASA Project Manager Russell 'Rusty' Hocum.

"All the American people have to do is take one look at the models completed by the combined work of our technicians, engineers and designers and they will know their tax money is being spent judiciously," says Lockheed Martin CEO Jim McJim.

"Although there were several variations of shuttle type designs considered by both NASA and Lockheed, the results are both astonishing and amazing," said McJim, displaying a graphic of the final three prototypes that Lockheed has already begun building.

"For instance," McJim said, "take a look at Model HH-2110. We estimate the cost for this craft to be just under $9 Billion dollars. That may seem expensive, but this craft comes with standard air conditioning, a lighted glove compartment and an ice maker."

Hocum eagerly added, "The hallways in this model have solar powered night lights."

Future space exploration may also open up new avenues for joint U.S.-Russian financed missions. "Other countries are watching our state of the art developments," says McJim. "We truly are going boldly - or is it boldly going - where no man has gone before."


The HH-2110 is a sleek mutha. Leave it to Jim McJim and the team at Lockheed to come up with some really stellar designs.
and for just under $9Billion too. What a bargain!
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