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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Left: Full Of Love, Compassion and Respect For All People

Did you know that as the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein provided stability in the area? It's true, the Left repeats this Talking Point on a daily basis. The Left would have preferred that Hussein remain in power. That way, they reason, he would still be a force to counter Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

This tells us volumes about the Left, doesn't it? I wonder if the family, friends and relatives of the people Hussein tortured and killed agree with the Left - you know - that Hussein provided stability.

Jon Elliot is the LiberTard that is temporarily taking over AirHead America's timeslot that used to belong to the now unemployed Mike Malloy. On his Wednesday program, Elliot said it is his opinion that Rush Limbaugh, because of his political beliefs, should not have been entitled to medical treatment for his hearing loss. Elliot said, especially since Limbaugh was treated at UCLA, a "Blue" state.

Nice, warm, loving, compassionate people these Lefties are, aren't they?

Did you know imitating gay men as a lisping and mincing stereotype is frowned upon by the Left? It's true, the Left disdains this type of pigeonholing. Oh - that is unless you're Jim Ward imitating Jeff Gannon on Stephanie 'McSlut' Miller's radio show. Then it's supposed to be funny.

Jim Ward

Al O'FrankenFailure is funny too! It wasn't until today that I fully realized just how funny he is. He made fun of Bob Ney's alcohol dependency by doing a Stuart Smalley routine about Ney going through detox and alcoholism treatment. It was highbrow comedy, let me tell you.

It wasn't quite as funny as Patrick Kennedy's drunken and pill induced car crash. It wasn't as funny as the jokes about Robin Williams alcohol addiction. It wasn't as funny as the deaths of John Belushi or Chris Farley, but it was funny.

These Liberals really have perfected the fine art of humor, haven't they? Nice, warm, loving, compassionate people these Lefties are, aren't they?

They know the meaning of Respect too. Consider the praiseworthy words of Bill Maher, interviewed by the AVCLUB, specifically page three, bottom of the story, third question from the last - when asked what he thinks about the American public:

    Question: When we last spoke to you - it's been almost 10 years now - the last question asked was "Are the American people stupid?" How would you answer that today?

    Maher: They are. Even more so than 10 years ago. People come up to me all the time and say "This is such a stupid country." And it is. Unfortunately, it is. [snip] But there's no doubt about it, it's [America] a stupid country.

Do you hear that, folks? You're stupid. And so is your country! Maher doesn't approve of your intellect. This, coming out of the mouth of someone who b a r e l y finished high school.

These examples are but a few of the Lefties who split infinite hairs in applying humor, comedy and sarcasm based on the politics of someone suffering an ailment or tragedy.

But that's okay, because their actions grant me automatic permission to do the same:

"Every time a Liberal dies an Angel gets its wings."

Ann Richards - No longer alive

Had she not been a chain-smoker for most of her life of those vile cigarettes, manufactured by those evil tobacco companies that Liberals love to beat up on and sue, she may very well be alive today.

Paul Wellstone - Still Dead

Had Paul Wellstone kept his promise and his word to not seek a third term, he may very well be alive today because he wouldn't have boarded his doomed campaign plane .

Expect as much compassion from me, writing on this blog, as the Liberals exhibit for those who have a healthcare need, an addiction or who die, and their basis of treating people based solely on political beliefs. Because this is the standard Liberals have set for those of whom they show compassion, empathy and respect.

"Every time a Liberal dies an Angel gets its wings."

Because tragedy plus time equals comedy!



Dictionaries hard to find in your part of the world?
Tbat's what we say when a Lib dies...GFR!"

(as sung to the Campbell's Soup jingle "MM Good!" copyright Pendejo Productions 1997)
Anon has no sense of humor or spelling.
MrsN: Totally agree with you. GFR !


CUAW: why can't liberals spell? It seems to be in their genes. And no shit - have you ever met a liberal with a sense of humor? I haven't!

Thanks for visiting and commenting Mrs.N and CUAW!
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