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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katie Couric - CBS News Anchor Reviews Are In!

"She read the teleprompter like a pro." Bob Schieffer

"A new era of broadcast journalism. Get it, broad...broadcast...?"
Walter Cronkite

"She did a great job and is one handsome woman. One very handsome woman."
Dan Rather

"In five years she'll be doing her own one hour program on cable with less than a hundred thousand viewers."
Jane Pauley

"I'm so damn glad I don't have to force smiles at her any longer."
Matt Lauer

"Scrumptiously supreme."
Gene Shalit

"Watching her deliver the news gave me a chubby."
William Shatner

"Uhhhh, I never meant for her to host the evening news. I looked away just for a moment and before I could stop it the deal was done. I'm really, really sorry folks. I owe you one."


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