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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Cry-Baby Party Squeals "CENSORSHIP!"

We all believe The Insane Liberal Clown Posse when they tell us they should be elected because they possess the arcane ability that Conservatives lack, sitting down and negotiating with world leaders, sponsors of terrorism and terrorists themselves. The Liberals tell us that this amazing skill of negotiation that they possess is alone a reason to vote for them and return them to a political majority. But the Left never bothers to tell us any specific details of how they plan to accomplish their pie-in-the-sky claim of their alleged innate talent in the art of negotiation.

And these are the same people, the same Holier Than Thou crowd, that cries CENSORSHIP at the content of the ABC TV miniseries "The Path To 9-11". What's the matter Babies? ABC has never said the miniseries is a documentary. ABC admits the program is a docu-drama. So what gives with you Liberal Cry Babies? It doesn't take much to get you squealing, does it?

The Liberal Community engages in conspiracy theories on a daily hourly basis when it comes to accusing their political opponents of any misdeed, factual or otherwise. Yet the Left wants to deny a filmmaker his fictional vision and ABC's presentation of "The Path To 9-11"? Shall we all respond to the Lefties with a big shout of CENSORSHIP?

The Left - who tells us we need to be tolerate of other people's visions - wants to CENSOR the freedom of expression by a filmmaker, for no other reason that the artist isn't presenting a view that is in step with the Liberal Agenda! HELLO - doesn't tell you all you need to know about the Far Left Crowd?

The Left calling for CENSORSHIP in a docudrama, imagine that. I'm going to repeat that for you Lefties who have a real hard time accepting the truth: Your political party is advocating censorship. How does that make you feel? Please by all means feel free to bury your logic (and I use that word loosely), even further into the dirt.

The Left - the same people that hail the artistic expression of a fictionalized documentary portraying the assassination of President George W. Bush, that hail films like "JFK", "Nixon" and any propaganda piece put out by Michael Moore - recoils in horror when they are the subject of fictionalization. And let's be honest, it's only slightly fictionalized.

The Liberal Clown Posse is up in arms is about this movie because it sounds like the events in this film are just too darn close to the truth, and they don't like it one bit. One reason is because this miniseries is being run just two months away from the election. The other reason, a more important one for the Lefties, is that the film is critical of their former party leaders and failed policies. And that's what really has them tweaked.

Former Clinton Administration officials have their undies in a bundle over this movie. It's hard for them to face a nationwide-sized mirror in the form of this film and look themselves in the face, let alone be held to some degree of accountability to the country. And their constituents.

What's the matter Libs, afraid to watch a fictionalized account of one of the biggest policy blunders during "your helm" of the country because the fiction is just too close to the truth for your comfort? Gee, that's just too bad.

ABC Television has been and will continue to be a lifelong water carrier for the Democratic Party. From its news division, to its hour long news magazines, its documentaries and its overall favorable slant leftward, it can be said that ABC certainly hasn't been a vocal supporter of conservative political beliefs or one that advances the Republican Party platform.

This miniseries is going to BANG in the ratings and I'm sure ABC appreciates all the free publicity they're getting, especially from the whining protestations from Cry Baby Liberal Talk Radio and their Cry Baby audience. And ABC is doing just what a network is supposed to do by playing up the controversy.

There's only ONE DIFFERENCE though. Just ONE. This time, the content and story is said to be critical of...The Left. Imagine that! Why, who does ABC think it is that they can air such objectionable material! How cold they are! ABC and FOX, I never could tell those two apart.

The Left, the party that tells the rest of us that they can negotiate with world leaders is a party that proves themselves day after day unable to negotiate with members within their own party (Joe Lieberman, Zell Miller). They claim to be the party tolerant of diverse and differing opinions and beliefs. But then they go ballistically apoplectic about an ABC miniseries.

The miniseries must hit really close to the truth. ReallyClose!

The Cry Babies respond and behave like some spoiled, tantrum-throwing mutant crossbreed between Richie Rich and Chuckie. Your behavior used to be funny ha-ha funny, then it got to be mildly irritating, now it's just plain pathetic. And I don't mean all Democrats. I'm addressing the Hardcore, Far, Far Left Wing Fringe. The Vicious, Propagandizing, on-attack and defensive Left Wing Fringe who can't take ANY criticism at all and who cannot accept that someone may not fully agree with them.

If you can't take a fictional portrayal about your politics and former leaders, what makes you Lefties think you can negotiate geopolitical issues on The World Stage?

Don't let the Left CENSOR this movie. Don't let the Left pressure ABC to alter the movie as it is now planned. We KNOW the KoSSers, the DU'ers and the Think Regressive crowds are putting pressure on ABC to alter and CENSOR "Path To 9-11".

Let ABC know you support the airing of this movie without revisional censorship at the behest of former elected political failures and their Truth Denying sycophantic supporters!

Contact ABC and tell them you support this movie and are against the self-serving demands for CENSORSHIP from the Left!


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