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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Computers of Tomorrow, Today?

Who's that guy pitching me to buy a PC?

And gee - will I ever need THIS much memory or is it a waste of money?

"Incredible prices! We're practically giving it away!"

I mean, in a nerdy kind of way.
how about those complex and highly technical games? Wooo-Hoooo! I dunno.....kinda puts DOOM and QUAKE to shame, huh?
HEY! I am a professional computer programmer! And I used to own a Commodore 64! And it played all theose cutting edge games. And now they are paper weights but that's not important. What's important is that 64k memory was unheard of in a home computer. And with the hi-tech cassette tape drive there wasn' anything I couldn't eventually load and play. Add a state-of-the-art modem capable of speeds up to 300 BAUD and there wasn't a BBS anywhere with a local number I couldn't reach. Those were the haydays of home computing. And I am proud to have been a pioneer!

No really 300 baud and that was fast.
okay Dane, settle down ;->

would you rather play those commodore games or the games, races, simulations we have today.....nyuck nyuck!

300 Baud....heh.... I agree that in some ways we've become a society that gets impatient when out screen doesn't loand "in once second". Where, 15 years ago, we'd have been very happy for our screen to load in 30 seconds. or somewhere around there anyway.

I too would have been proud to been involved in the technological advances back then too.

So you're in your what..mid seventies, eighties now? (heh!)
Actually I amm the same age I was back then. Somewhere on an old Commodore 64 diskette is a bit mapped image of me that gets older and older and older...

My apartment used to be called Gaming Central. The big game on the C64 was Pirates. I liked playing Telegard. It was 100% Vic Basic so I hacked it and 1) fixed the ring of protection that didn't work.
2) improved some of the magic items.

Now I get made if my RTS game doesn't have cheat codes.
Oh...what's that movie where the portrait grows older and the character stays the same age....i gotta search that on imdb, hand on.

The Picture of Dorian Grey:
...that's it.

You were Game Central, wow!

We gotta have some cheat codes, I'd never made it through DOOM and others without them. We all have to be thankful for the folks who publish the cheat codes!
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