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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Complete Folly Of Patrick Fitzgerald

...And The Left still occasionally trots out Kenneth Starr's name...

You have GOT to read Wed Pruden's Column on The Valerie Plame "Scandal"
and the Three Ring Circus Investigation by its Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald:

    The underlying scandal has been the success of Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, in keeping rouge on the corpse. He has spent upwards of $20 million of the government's money over three years, he's still in search of a crime, and he still hasn't indicted the ham sandwich. If he can't find a crime, he might make it into law-school literature as an object lesson into how to milk a client.

    What did Mr. Fitzgerald know, and when did he know it [who leaked Plames' name]? As it now turns out, from his very first day on the job. Richard Armitage, Colin Powell's deputy at the State Department, confessed years ago that it was he who first divulged Valerie Plame's name to columnist Robert Novak.

    Mr. Fitzgerald knew this before he put Judith Miller in jail. Before he indicted Scooter Libby. Before he called Karl Rove to the grand jury, knowing that Mr. Rove couldn't have been the leaker but also knowing that every time he was called to testify, running a gauntlet of newspaper and television cameras, the impression was planted that Mr. Rove was a crook with something to hide. But the prosecutor told Mr. Armitage to keep his mouth shut, lest he give the game away.

    Prosecutors are sworn to protect the innocent as well as to prosecute the guilty, so what are we to make of a prosecutor who knows that his investigation is a fraud but proceeds with it, anyway?

Ho-Hum...well, not when they're Democrats.

Kenneth Starr's investigation actually produced the beginning of what should have been the ouster of the Crooked and Malicious 42nd President of the United States... But that's another topic, right Libs?


Dude! Listen! You are repeating, I repeat, you are repeating false media reports re Rove and Libby and you are implying that Plame's identity, having been revealed by Armitage, exonerates Libby and Rove. This is simply wishful thinking on the part of blind Bush supporters and "Turd Blossom" (Bush's homosexual name for Karl Rove) Karl Rove supporters.

Dude! Media Matters reminds those of us who love the truth, "However, Armitage's role as Novak's first source is not inconsistent with Rove's and Libby's involvements in the leak -- both were original sources of the information for two other reporters."

You and yours would love to bury the facts of the case in attacks on Fitzgerald, etc., but at least more than half the people in the United States disagree with you. There is something fishy going on at the White House and the real American People know it.

Next, while it may sicken you to visit the site, you should really read the article by David Corn in The Nation titled "What Valerie Plame Really Did," published on the web 5 SEP 06. Live a little, dude!

Finally, you write:

"Kenneth Starr's investigation actually produced the beginning of what should have been the ouster of the Crooked and Malicious 42nd President of the United States."

Oh, really? And what exactly did Kenneth Starr produce? Thank you, Kenneth Starr, for giving us Paula Jones. Last I saw of her, she was being chased around the ring by Tonya Harding, who whupped her ass, on Celebrity Boxing.

As we like to say in the real world, "When Bill Clinton lied, nobody died."

(Hope this meets with your "approval." I'd hate to think you could possibly disapprove of the truth.)
I don't know what you mean by your last sentence, that this meets with "approval"?

I don't know where to begin with your comments. Why are you judging Rove and Libby before they have their day in court, Libby at some point next year. If you're holding your breath on Rove being indicting, well, all I can say is good luck. All the efforts in vain by Fitzpatrick for a Dog and Pony Show - and you sound like you buy the D&P Show - and what has he produced so far? Nothing. That's amazing, isn't it?

How many died in the attack in the 1993 WTC bombing? The attack on the USS Cole? Mogadishu, Somalia? Khobar Tower? The East Africa Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The innocent civilians and children in Bosnia and Iraq. This is but a partial list. Who was the president then? What was his name?

I'd hate to think you could possibly disapprove of the truth.

Nobody died when Clinton lied.

I'd hate to think you could possibly disapprove of the truth.

I'd hate to think you could possibly disapprove of the truth.

...the truth.

...the truth.

...the truth.

Nice try...straight from the Liberal's Talking Points. Thanks for visiting though.
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