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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Now that's an unfair characterization. She's really not that perky any more.
well...she's perky for a LiberTard?

Hey, what's this I read on your blog that you're retiring?!

Will you return at some point in the future? I hope you do!!
You know, when the islamo-fanatics went off on the pope last week, I was very much tempted to get back into blogging...but I honestly can't blog in moderation, so I have to quit cold turkey and break this addiction! lol, thanks for your encouragement though, keep up the biting humor - good stuff. lgp
Great to hear from you!

I DO hope you will be back at some point in the future. Consider leaving the spot "up" on B.O.L. so it will be there for you when (and I do stress 'when') you return.

And keep in touch in the in-between to! Best to you and yours, always.
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