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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


That is the hell of it with the left wing. They want the freedom of religion and a secular government but are not willing to fight for it. I want a secular government myself because some of the radical Christian right are as dangerous to my freedom as the radical mullahs. But the difference is I am williing to fight for it.
I notice that you rarely get any comments lately anymore. Have you ever considered the fact that your language is NEEDLESSLY ALIENATING so many people? I'm not a liberal or Democrat, I'm a moderate Independant. I think the left acts really foolish and tactless at times, but you're not helping with this kind of banter either. What really matters most to you? If you really wanted to embody the American spirit, you would have demonstrated a lot more compassion. You're not even perpetuating a civilized discussion. You're just clamoring for attention. Well, you got mine, all right, but you barely have the attention of anybody who doesn't agree with you already. You haven't convinced anybody of anything. Good day, sir.
Thanks Guy.

"They want the freedom of religion and a secular government but are not willing to fight for it."

yes,yes, yes, exactly. I've said many times if World War 2 was fought the way the Left fights this war - the war on militant islam - that we'd all be speaking German today. Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always.
Hello Jojo. Have you been here before or commented in the past? Your name isn't familiar.

Funny you should comment that I don't get comments on a day, so far, that I received 6 comments. You are partially correct in that some of the things I post get comments and others don't. And you should consider the possibility that I may not always publish random, rambling comments submitted by anonymous individuals.

I too am an independEnt, I've written that here on a number of occasions. I see problems with both the Right and the Left. I do not think the Left takes terrorism as the real threat that it is. I do think the Left is weak on terrorism, as one example.

I do have people who comment who agree with me. It doesn't sound like spent much time exploring the other comments. Just scroll on down the posts and if you see where comments have been left, read them.

And yes, I do post things that at times are foolish, whether they are tactless or not is somewhat subjective, don't you think? Some of the attack from the Left are tactless and I see no reason to not respond in kind because it's the only response that they understand. A good example of this is the the media circus that surrounded "The Path To 9/11" movie and the entire Left WingNuts.

I also will throw mud back at mud throwers, and that's an activity the Left will often engage in. AGain, it;s the only response they sometimes understand.

Rather than blast me with a "see ya later" type of email, jojo, why don't you bring your views to the forum and we can discuss them?

You're not Mike Malloy are you?

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