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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorism Plot Intercepted

News Round-Up:

How The Plot Was Disrupted; Voice of America.

UK's Home Secretary Dr. John Reid, "The loss of life to innocent civilians would have been on an unprecedented scale."; BBC.

Global Ramifications; Sky News.

How The Bombs and Trigger Devices Would Get Onto The Airplane; Sky News.

Pakistan Plays Significant Role in Today's Plot; BBC.

Text of statement by Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson of Scotland Yard; South Wales Evening Post.

38-Photograph Gallery of The Day's Events; Sky News.

Airlines and Airports: Targets For Terrorists; Sky News.

Long Lines At Airports; ABC News.

- - -

Thank you to our allies across the pond in the UK, our allies in Pakistan and to others named and unnamed, for your diligent work in the ongoing fight against Terrorism.

- - -

The NY Times is disappointed that it didn't get a chance to break this story before today, thereby tipping off the terrorist suspects.

I also understand grief counseling is available for Liberals who are crestfallen that the plot was thwarted.


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