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Friday, August 04, 2006

Target Stores Tell Chicago: "See 'Ya Later."

Target Drops Plans for Chicago Unless 'Living Wage' Requirement Dropped:

    Chicago Alderman Carrie Austin lamented Target's loss, saying the store was to anchor a 32-acre shopping mall in her district that has already secured $23 million in city funding.(see ++)

    "I'm depressed. Calumet Park has land right across the street they can develop," Austin said. "Our development will just sit there for another century."

(++) Sounds like someone forgot all about planning and put the horses and elephants at the beginning of the parade. TSK TSK!

I could ridicule the 'Woe Is Me Mentality' of Alderman Austin..."our development will just sit there for another century....", but I will refrain from doing so. But here's a thought: Try making your policies more business friendly, or is that too much of a Conservative Concept for your mind to grasp? Here's to another Century! Cheers!


    The ordinance would require retailers operating stores over 90,000 square feet within Chicago to pay workers at least $9.25 per hour, plus $1.50 in benefits, starting next year. These figures would rise to $10 and $3, respectively, by 2010. The current state-mandated minimum wage in Illinois is $6.50 an hour.

    "I'd be surprised if retailers didn't react to the ordinance in this way," Larry Lund, principal with the Real Estate Planning Group, a Chicago based retail consultancy, told CPN.

Yet Democrats voted AGAINST raising the minimum wage because of its tie to the Estate Tax. Huh...I guess that's really showing your constituents how tough and principled you Libs really are! Don't spend too much time tonight admiring yourselves in the mirror.


Good for Target. If the other big operators as well as the small ones had this attitude then it would put the socialists on the run. We can only be looted by governments if we allow ourselves to be looted.
Yeah, instead of Chicago trying to create a business friendly environment in the free market, they try their socialistic brand of social engineering. And it looks like they're about to lose. Good for them.

Thanks Guy.
My town, Albuquerque, narrowly voted down a living wage ordinance. Now our communists are going to do an end run and try to make it statewide.
Yeah, leave it to the dems to do an end run. And a lousy reach around. Sheesh, did I just write that?
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