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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One Hit News

** FBI Searching For 11 Egyptian Students who "Vanished" Shortly After Their Arrival at New York's JFK Airport.
- - -
** Some Illegals In U.S. From Terrorist-Supporting Countries.
- - -
** Lebanon calls up for plan to deploy up to 15,000 Lebanese army troops to the south of the country, provided Israel first withdraws its forces.

    Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora Monday expressed deep reservations with the ceasefire proposal, which in its current form allows Israel to maintain a military presence in southern Lebanon.

That's too bad there, Fuad. Perhaps you should have moved the Lebanese army out there a bit sooner. Oh well, live and learn as a Prime Minister, I guess.
- - -
** France Takes Lead At Diplomacy in The Middle East. France's Next Plan: Will Make Rope Stand Up.
- - -
** Morocco Arrests 44 Terrorist Suspects.
- - -
** A Fine Photo Gallery of Maps: Israel 1917 To Today.
- - -
Finally...Firefighter Apologizes For Videotaping himself in a Tumble Dryer:

    ...pictures shows Mr Bruce climbing inside the large drying machine before clothes are packed in to protect him.

    As the door is closed, the dryer is turned on with the fireman tumbling over inside while his workmates laugh hysterically.


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