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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh Yeah, The Dems Have Solutions!

Within a few hours, the results of the race between Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont will start coming in. A winner should be declared - and this is just a guess - well before midnight.

I wonder...if Lamont loses, will his supporters - the FAR, FAR LOONEY LEFT WING of the Democratic Party - claim the election was "rigged"?

Should Lamont lose...will his loss be called a "MORAL VICTORY"?

Some say Lieberman's Web Site was HACKED while others claim his site was not Hacked.

Strange that his Campaign Site began having problems last night on the eve of the election, though, isn't it? What a coincidence...yeah...coincidence, that's it. Why, it's got all the makings for a Recipe of Rich Democratic Conspiracies. Alas, the only thing missing is a republican for the Dems to blame.

And speaking of conspiracies...if Lieberman's site was hacked...consider this: Ned Lamont's business is in that of media and communications! Who better to have a professional team of hackers on his side than a MEDIA MOGUL. Huh? HUH? Quick, alert the Tin Foil Hat Brigade! [Insert 'Twilight Zone' Theme Song].

We all remember how Democratic candidates, during election years - especially presidential election years - tell us that THEY are the party to get things done, work through political differences and find real answers to problems both internationally and domestically.

The Dems tell us they're the Party with the superior intellect and vast negotiating prowess who can work things out with all individuals who have opposing political philosophies. The Dems tell us they're the party that can get results with terrorists, supporters of terrorism and others on the world stage who are unwilling to live peacefully with their neighbors.

The Dems tell us they're the ones who can work with the individuals around the globe who are destructive, uncontrollable and bent on hurting, killing or crossing borders for dangerous and self-serving reasons.

Democratic Presidential Candidate, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, based a large part of his political platform on the basis that he was one of those people who could sit down and talk with global leaders and talk out differences, reaching a harmonious conclusion for all those involved.

The Dems tell us they are the ones who can find solutions, bringing together and reaching consensus among people with differences of beliefs, cultures and political issues.

Yet, this same Far Left Sect of the democratic party is unable to work out differences with those within their own party. Like Joe Lieberman. Like Zell Miller.

Joe Lieberman, a liberal by any means, agrees on one big picture issue with the President, that of the War on Terror. Lieberman votes with the democratic party approximately 91% of the time. Yet the Party of Problem Solvers cannot reach a consensus with the man who was their Vice Presidential Candidate six years ago.

So, if you can't work things out within your own party why it is you think you can provide solutions to real world issues with people who completely disagree with you, some of who want to hurt, attack, kill and harm you and your country?

Yeah, the Dems are the ones who Work and Play Well With Others...


If you really want to se dim-a-crits in action take a look at New Orleans..then a peek at new Jersey..and maybe a long look at California. Then if you want to se the right wing at work take a look at congress and a nine plus trillion national debt and a president who doesn't know how to veto a spending bill and uses his first and only veto to veto a HEALTH bill on religious grounds. GOOD GOD GIRTY WHAT A GASH!
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