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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Left Downplays Prevention of Terrorist Attack

Boy, Liberal Talking Heads in the U.S. appeared on all their usual media outlets yesterday praising the successful thwarting of the planned Terrorist Plot to blow up anywhere between six and ten airplanes whose destination was the United States. It was hard not to find a Liberal politician, ex-politician or pundit who wasn't complimentary and happy that the Terror Plot was intercepted. What do you mean you didn't see and hear the same thing?

And once again we find wide-ranging coverage of the terrorists, yet another group of those red-haired, white boy Irish Catholics who've claimed credit for past acts of Terrorism. Huh...what? It wasn't a group of red-haired, white boy Irish Catholics? It was who, now? Oh, a group of terrorists with Pakistani heritage...and they were what? Muslim? Are you sure? I dunno...that sounds kind of xenophobic to me.

Well, certainly we all witnessed Liberals celebrating this monumental victory in thwarting the Terrorist Plot. It was hard to turn on a television, radio or surf the web without seeing or hearing John Murtha, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Ned Lamont, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the Usual Gang of Socialists heaping praise on the UK, Pakistan and all the intelligence agencies for their hard work and successful interception of the Terrorist Plot, wasn't it? What do you mean you didn't see or hear that?

The disruption of this plot, and the subsequent arrests that took place, in Britain and Pakistan is a monumental victory in the War on Terror. Remember what experts on al-Qaida Terrorism tell us about al-Qaida: they don't like for their plans to fail, hence, when the 1993 World Trade Center bombing didn't result in the building collapsing, they returned to the drawing board and continued planning until they were successful on September 11, 2001.

Imagine six, eight or ten airplanes, all departing from Heathrow Airport at varied times, each one in flight at 30-some thousand feet, bound for various destinations in the U.S. And each one being detonated and exploding somewhere over the Atlantic or nearing their destination, all day long.

Imagine those planes exploding, one after the other, over the Atlantic and the reporting of it:

"An airplane leaving London, bound for New York blew up leaving no survivors as it began its descent to land at JFK airport..."

"...I'm getting reports that another airplane from London has exploded and..."

"...Another airplane has exploded over the Atlantic ocean...."

And on and on all day and into the night. Because that was the plan.

And the Left Wing is insulted when you tell them that they are either weak on terrorism or have no plan to deal with it.

Did you listen to the Left Wing Fringe yesterday? Did you hear how the foiled attack was downplayed by those on Liberal Talk Radio, by Liberal politicians and by their sycophants? Some of the Liberal Talk Radio hosts were aghast that President Bush was briefed about the plot last week and criticized him for NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

What did you want him to do, tip off the terrorists? I'm not sure there's any law requiring the president to, after being briefed about a pending terrorist attack, immediately rush to the press and make an announcement that he's just been told highly classified information about a planned attack on our people and the plan to apprehend those who are planning it.

Isn't it terrible...Isn't it just atrocious, that there may have been some people in government, in the U.S. and its wonderful allies, who may have had foreknowledge of an event meant to harm and kill innocent people? Isn't it appalling that instead of immediately rushing to the The New York Times and CNN and spilling this information, that these officials in government and military kept silent, and instead chose to carry out their plan to capture the terrorists who planned to carry it out?

The plot wasn't thwarted and all the planes blew up, there were no survivors. Had that been the outcome, today we would be into Day Two of endless Liberal diatribe by The Left Wing Fringe of "how the U.S. created this event." We'd be into Day Two of endless coverage from the Main Stream Media exploiting the tragedies of families who are suffering because they had loved ones on those airplanes. We'd be into Day Two of MSM coverage treating us to endless footage of supporters of terrorism in the streets celebrating their repulsive and cowardly actions.

The Left Wing Fringe is insulted when told that they are weak on terror. And their vocal protests that they aren't is only an honest reaction from them that they indeed are. They have no plan to fight terrorism unless you call "cut and run" a good idea or define terrorism as a "nuisance" instead of a threat.

Wasn't it great to hear the outcry from Muslim Clerics and Holy Men condemning the terroristic plot! They all got on board and rebuked anyone who would kill or do harm in the name of their religion. What - you didn't hear that?

There is no conspiracy that this act was planned by the Bush Crime Family to push its agenda forward. Nor was it a conspiracy by the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers or the Rosicrucians. It isn't even a secret plan by The U.S. Military Industrial Complex. If you have proof of your Conspiracy du Jour, belly up to that bar with it, otherwise shut up and move out of your parent's basement.

The prevention of this planned act of terrorism is a momentous victory on the War on Terror. The efforts of the UK, Pakistan, the US and our allies and our militaries all deserve our appreciation, admiration and recognition for their arduous hard work and efforts!

Liberals, if you need help in believing that terrorism is real, think of it as - pretend it's - global warming.

And for those of you so-called conservatives out there, who on a daily basis make it your mission to Bash Bush because in some areas he's not conservative enough for you (and sometimes I agree with you!), pretend September 11 and yesterday takes place under President Gore or President Kerry. Go ponder that one for a while and get back to me.


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