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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How Much For A Gallon Of Gas?

How much will you pay for a gallon of gas before some of you change your beliefs and decide that we in the U.S. need to:

a) drill in ANWR,
b) uncap the capped rigs right here, in the U.S.,
c) begin exploring and pumping oil off certain coastal areas of the U.S.,
d) understand that until the last drop of oil runs out, that it is the cheapest mode - thus far - of commodity, exchange, transportation and manufacturing.

$4/gallon? $5/gallon? $8/gallon? $10/gallon?

How much...how much people, how much?



Guess that was a while ago, huh!
I fold after $6/gal. Told the wife she's going to have to support me after that.
Phoenix (why the name change and can i still call yhou phoenix?) - $1.95, boy that sure seems like a bargain now. I think we'd all be pleased if it dropped and stayed back at that price!

EastC: You have a good idea there....

Thanks both, for visiting and commenting, as always!
I'm just thinking we should have done some of these things way back when the price was right. Where's Bob Barker when you need him.

You can still call me Phoenix... just figured it was time to lose that name (personal reasons).
Oh, if you want to "lose that name" for whatever reason(s), I can use Yangix, that's fine. I will update the sidebar link name as well later today.
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