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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Classic Video Redux: Little Monster Man and Tasered Lady

I ran across the first video below in October of 2005.

It's just so side-splittingly funny that I thought I'd rerun it. Just click "Play" or the > .

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Some of us may remember the Emmy Award Winning Performance of Ms. Victoria Goodwin as the Lady from Boynton Beach, Florida Who Is Told Two or Three Times To Hang Up Her Cell Phone Or The Cops Will Taser Her.

Policeman: Put your phone down.

Ms. Goodwin: No, I'm callin' somebody.

Well, she didn't listen, AND SHE GOT TASERED GOOD, REAL GOOD

Lady, you're stupid - and watching you get tasered and hearing your cries makes me laugh.

I'll wager that in retrospect, she wishes she would have not made that call on her cell phone and had stepped out of the vehicle. Some people never learn.


Rat boy and the PETA homo was too funny.

The taser drama queen was good too LOL.
The lady tasered just slays me. How many times does one need to be told by a cop to "do something" before you do it. One of doing it is easy - comply; the other way will cost you some pain. Seems like an easy choice to me.
I give the taser-lady two paws up.
It is a DEE-LIGHT, isn't it!
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