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Sunday, August 20, 2006


HAPPY TWO YEARS OLD/Blogoversary! Is there any cake left or am I too late?
- - -
Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign...Do This...Don't Do That...Can't You Read The Sign
- - -
make you...puke? It made This Charming Dog Hurl!
- - -
The MILF Crowd Gets Taken Down A Few Notches and deservedly so!
- - -
Judge Anna "Gravedigger" Taylor.
- - -
"First it was Jews, then it was Koreans and now it's Arabs!" Who said that? A Republican? WRONG! Guess Again!
- - -
Mark aka "WitNit" publishes his Blog Novel.
- - -
All The News and Blog Populi You'll Ever Need Located At One Site. Does it get easier than that? Nope!
- - -
And finally....

Well ..."DO YOU"? Caution: Adult Language and Themes (but it's not "dirty").

Great headlines.
And thanks for the linky-love!

The word MILF brings traffic for some reason...
No prob, it's a great post. LMAO!

I wonder why MILF brings traffic?
Thanks David!
your welcome chrys
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