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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Adnan Hajj Denies These Photos Are Fake

Photographs for Reuters News taken by freelance photographer Adnan Hajj have turned out to be faked and manipulated.

And Reuters has removed all of Mr. Hajj's photographs from its database.

However, Mr. Hajj declares that the pictures of him as a guest on 'The Dick Cavett Show' and ABC's 'The View' are not forgeries.

"These are legitimate photographs taken by my associate when I was a guest on these programs," said Hajj. "I am outraged by any allegation that would suggest these pictures are - how you say - Photo Shopped - or altered in any other fashion or form."

Adnan Hajj, alleged appearances as a guest on The Dick Cavett Show

When advised that The Dick Cavett Show had been off the air for decades, Hajj had no immediate comment.

Hajj declared the picture of him as a guest on The View was "before Star [Jones] had liposuction."

He also refused comment on his amazing resemblance to actor Brad Pitt admitting only that "it is uncanny, isn't it?"

Adnan Hajj, allegedly a guest on The View


My Reuter's "Big Head" is bigger than your Adnan Hajj "Fake Head!" Na, Na, Na, Na - Nah!
EastC: Thanks.

Chrys - yeah, but my big head looks like Brad Pitt. Not that that does anything for me.......
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